Hi There, my name is Grace DeOliveira.
I am a Millersville University graduate with a Bachelor of Design. Throughout my time in Millersville, I have learned the principles of design, became proficient in using Adobe, and found my style as a designer. I've found that nature inspires my work the most, especially when it comes to photography and color schemes. 
My passion as a designer mostly comes from creating brand identity and advertisements. I am excited to start my career as a designer and create unique designs for the world to see. 
Besides becoming a graphic designer, my dream has always been to travel and see the world. Nature is what inspires me the most, and I have a feeling that traveling and seeing the world would quickly become my muse. I have a love for music, specifically indie and country music, but I enjoy almost all genres. I always  have music playing when I am working, and find it to spark my creativity exponentially. 
I hope you enjoy looking through my portfolio! Feel free to contact me about inquiries through the CONTACT tab or on any of my socials. 
Thanks for taking the time to look at my work!

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